CBD Properties and Benefits

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Throughout history, the cannabis plant has generated great controversy for its use. By One side are its therapeutic properties, even healing;on the other is its recreational use and the abuse of substances. Fortunate and CBD. The THC or Tetra Hidro Cannabidiol represents the psychotropic part of the plant. And the CBD or Cannabidiol, is The compound that has numerous healing properties and that has become an even legal substance. But What are the benefits and properties of the CBD? That is what we will see on this occasion.

History of CBD and pain relief

From the colonial era the cannabis sativa plant was used to relieve various Types of ailments. It was taken from Spain to America thanks to Cristóbal Colón, through the ropes made with Hemp of his vessels. Since the time of Hernán Cortés, hemp seeds were already imported to the Textile production through the second real audience of 1532. It is known that they were the Jesuit priests who spread the medicinal use of hemp in Mexico, although African slaves already knew about their properties.

It was Juan de Esteyneffer in his treatise "Medicinal florilegio of all diseases of 1712 ”where he mentions the medicinal use of hemp seeds. Either to treat gonorrhea or for regularize menstruation. By 1772, José Antonio Alzate, author of “Memory on the use made by the Indians of the pipiltzintzintlis ”talks about the so -called effect of the plant and how it relieved muscle pain and grinders. Subsequently, other uses were attributed, to treat hemorrhoids, colic, hemorrhages, pains joint, etc. However, at the beginning of the 20th century it began its prohibition by awarding him to even cause of crimes.

The benefits and properties of the CBD in the s.XXI

Along the s.XX in some countries cannabis has been accepted, and in many others, even forbidden, precisely by the properties of your THC compound. However, it was in the year of 2015 that He accepted for the first time the medicinal use of this plant. She was a girl diagnosed with Lennox syndrome Gastaut, a non -treatable disease, but it was known that CBD oil could help you. A judge gave the amparo To import the CBD oil to treat the seizures presented by the girl, giving way to the recognition of An important property of the CBD.

From then on, the restrictions around the use of CBD have been raised (whose Chemical formula is C21H3002), When its properties are revealed. For example, I know confirmed its use as a relief of muscle pain, as well as to relieve syndromes that are related to fever and Seizures, such as Lennox Gastaut and Dravet syndrome. The CBD then offers anticonvulsive properties and They are doing studies to evaluate their effectiveness to treat Parkinson's disease.

What other properties and qualities present the CBD?

Other possible benefits and properties that are studying are in patients with Schizophrenia, as well as anxiety disorders, multiple sclerosis and diabetes. There is still more studies that prove their forcefulness and scientific acceptance, but the advances are promising.

As for the CBD cosmetic properties, there is also very good news. For side, creams or oils with CBD calman and hydrate the skin. They make it look radiant, fresh, fatty-like. In addition, properties are attributed to the skin a healthy, bright and healthy appearance. They are certainly Excellent properties to take into account for dry or off skin.

But in addition, it must be emphasized that the CBD does not cause the effects caused by the plant Complete, which contains THC. For example, it does not cause euphoria, nor addiction, nor affects the nervous system. In Summary, do not "place" nor give a feeling of "high" because it does not contain THC or, failing that, it is really Minimum amount and must be in the legal limits for commercialization.

Enjoy the properties of the CBD legally and at your fingertips

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