Research about CBD in universities

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Research About CBD in universities

Many research on the CBD in universities claim that the CBD It is a beneficial substance for our body.But, let us start at the beginning, ¿What is the CBD? The Cannabidiol or CBDIt is a natural component found in the cannabis flower.A Today, a large number of scientists and doctors around the world are testing and confirming therapeutic properties that of theCBD.

CBD research at universities confirm that it is aSafe and not addictive substance. TheCBDis one of the more than one hundred fitocannabinoides They are unique to cannabis.

The CBDIt is related to an important medicinally phytocannabinoid active, tetrahydrocannabinol orTHC, the compound that causes the psychotropic effect by which cannabis is famous.These two cannabis components are the ones that have focused the most in study Research on CBD in universities.

The CBD can reduce or neutralize psychoactive effects delTHC depending on the amount consummated of each product. Many people consume the CBD in formataceites Without THC or with low levels of THC, so it has no psychoactive effects, and transforms an attractive treatment option for those who are prudent when trying cannabis by first time.

Do you know what are the Research on CBD at Universities?

Several universities They share a mission: study and investigate cannabis properties from the creation of several Projects.The intention of research on CBD in universities is to boost natural medicine As an alternative to treat physical and mental diseases, such as chronic pain, disorders obsessive, anxiety or insomnia.

Oxford University

Los investigadores de la Oxford University are conducting an investigation that focuses on looking for parts of the system endocannabinoid to study its molecular and cellular structure as well as cannabinoid mechanisms. The endocannabinoid system is present throughout the human body and is responsible for interacting with Cannabinoids such as CBD.

Although in the kingdom United cannabis is registered as a class B medication, that is, illegal, with research on the Medicinal cannabis launched by the University of Oxford. Researchers expect legislation to improve About cannabis for therapeutic purposes.

Buenos Aires University

The University of Good Aires will start a cannabis crop thanks to the Cannabis sativa project.This will be done through High strains in CBD, which will investigate an experimental alternative to be used in the treatment of the refractory epilepsy.

University of Mississipi

The University of Mississipi has carried out several investigations that include studies of botanical properties, Pharmacological and chemicals of cannabis.

The university is known because their researchers are conducting a pilot clinical trial to analyze the effects of a CBD extract to use it in pediatric epilepsy treatments that helps fight it.

University of Mexico

La Research from the University of Mexico is carried out in Alburquerque, New Mexico, and is worldwide known Among research on CBD in universities.University researchers themselves created a Project to study the effect of medical cannabis on people with chronic and weakening diseases.

The study they have conducted focuses on people with PTSD (disorder posttraumatic stress), Cancer, chronic pain, etc.And compares the results of patients who use cannabis while They consume drugs, including narcotics.Research also values how cannabis consumption affects the central aspects of mental, physical and social well -being, such as the experiences of Pain, sleep quality or eating behaviors.

The University has a fund that supports the realization of scientific research on the medical cannabis in All areas of social and biometric sciences called Medical Cannabis Research Fund (MCRF).

University of Nebraska

The researchers of the University of Nebraska are studying the possible anti -inflammatory properties in the CBD in order to Evaluate the potential of this substance in cases of pulmonary inflammation because of the COVID-19.

The authors of these Research on CBD in universities recommend CBD to reduce anxiety in patients and Increase interferones production, a protein that helps the body fight infections.


The diverse Research on CBD in universities show largely that the CBD is good and recommended for our health and acts in a positive way in our endocannabinoid system, since the main effects They are analgesics, anti -inflammatories, calm anxiety, insomnia, lack of appetite and other diseases Psychological

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