CBD cartridges are the most comfortable and healthy way to take advantage of the benefits of cannabinoids with a vaporizer or electronic cigar. This has become the preferred CBD consumption method of many, because It helps to obtain rapid, effective and toxicity risks.

In Plant of Life we have one of the widest catalogs of CBD cartridges. You can choose between cartridges with CBD fluid with a 5% concentration and a 1 ml format or cartridges with CBD Wax in two formats: 0.5 and 1 ml, both with a 66% concentration of complete spectrum CBD.

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What are CBD cartridges?

Cartridges (CBD Vape Cartridge) are the most comfortable way to get all the flavor and aroma of Cannabinoids in a single puff with a vaporizer or electronic cigarette. Thanks to CBD cartridges you reduce toxicity levels by at least 95% compared to smoking cannabis while benefiting from all the advantages of this substance. More and more people prefer electronic cigarettes and vapers to take CBD since it is a more concentrated form, more playful and also leaves a better taste in the mouth since you can choose from a multitude of flavors.

What variety of pods do we have?

At Plant of Life you find the largest variety of CBD cartridges.

E-liquid cartridge: With a concentration of 5% EN Cannabidiol and a 1 ml format.

Wax Cartridge: Wax in two formats: 0.5 and 1 ml, with a concentration of 66% full-spectrum CBD.

You can find both E-liquid and Wax CBD cartridges in 28 different flavors that range from fruity flavors such as apple, kiwi or mango, to flavors of the most famous cannabis varieties such as Amnesia Haze or Gorilla Glue.

Why choose CBD cartridges?

One of the main reasons for choosing CBD cartridges is for their undeniable comfort since they are easier to use.

The uses may be limited depending on the legality of each country.

With CBD cartridges you can vape with your electronic cigarette at any time and experience that calm and relaxation that CBD offers you in order to have a moment of disconnection. A single CBD cartridge can last you dozens of puffs, so you can use your cartridge multiple times without running out as fast as smoking.

As we have pointed out, the technique of vaping CBD cartridges has become one of the healthiest and most effective ways to take CBD. As combustion does not take place, steam is generated that goes directly to the lungs and then reaches the blood and the brain. This means that you notice the effects of CBD much faster than with other methods such as ingested oil.