Choose between 28 capsules with different flavors for your electronic cigarettes, waxes and e-liquids with various full spectrum CBD concentrations.

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CBD Pods are capsules that contain Cannabidiol for vaping. They can be CBD liquids or CBD Wax. These capsules or Pods are used in electronic cigarettes and vaporizers. They are a comfortable way to take CBD and enjoy its benefits if you are a vaping lover.

Plant Of Life CBD pods are full spectrum, meaning CBD that contains all the important supplements produced by the cannabis plant, a rich mix of cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and even trace elements and vitamins, allowing you to its effects and benefits for your health are greater.

What PODS variety do we have?

At Plant of Life you will find CBD Pods of both E-liquids and Wax in 28 different flavors that range from the best-known varieties of cannabis such as Amnesia to flavors such as chocolate, apple, bubble gum or banana.

E-liquids CBD Pods can be purchased in three different types of full-spectrum CBD concentrations: 1%, 3%, and 5%. If you choose to buy CBD Pods with Wax, you have waxes with 66% full spectrum CBD. In all CBD Pods or capsules, THC does not exceed 0.2%, so you can vape calmly without producing psychotropic effects.

Why choose cbd PODS?

CBD Pods allow you to take Cannabidiol in a more relaxed and at the same time more effective way, such as with a vaporizer or with electronic cigarettes.

The CBD Pods format gives you your CBD or Wax liquids in a capsule ready to be vaped. Among the advantages of vaping CBD is that it is considered to have a greater effect on your body than if you were to use CBD topically, for example, since the CBD is introduced directly into the lungs.

When vaping CBD Pods you have the advantage that you do not inhale smoke or toxic substances, that it does not produce an odor such as tobacco, and that the flavor you choose for the CBD capsule leaves a pleasant aroma in your mouth.

The uses may be limited depending on the legality of each country.

how to take CBD pods?

If you are just starting out in the world of vaping or CBD, you should know that it is difficult to recommend a specific concentration of CBD to start with, since the needs or the stamina of each person are different. CBD e-liquid pods come in different potency levels, as we've noted, based on their CBD concentration: 1%, 3%, and 5%. The effects will therefore be greater as you increase the milligrams of Cannabidiol.

It is recommended that if you decide to vape CBD Pods with E-liquids you start at low levels and gradually increase. At first, you will feel a mild calming effect. CBD is widely used to calm stress and anxiety. If you have any physical ailment, CBD can help you, for example, to relieve pain, although it requires regular and controlled use to feel its effects.