Solid CBG Extractions

Smell of the best known genetics in the world. This product is made from materials only vegetables. Earthy textures. Cannabigerol or CBG is one of the compounds that are extracted from Cannabis Sativa, which is why it is considered a phytocannabinoid. Unlike other substances like CBD and THC, it is only found in low concentrations within the plant.

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What are CBG solids?

CBG solids or CBG pollen is a resin that is obtained from different varieties of industrial hemp, so it does not contain psychoactive substances, that is, they do not get high, but they maintain the flavor of the variety.

Our CBG solids are 100% natural with less than 0.2% THC, but with all the aroma of our marijuana strains.

This product maintains the high concentration of CBG, with its characteristic aroma.

How are CBG solids obtained?

How are CBG solids obtained?

What types of cbd solids are there?

At Plant of Life we have several types of CBD solids with different concentrations and aromas.

In terms of CBD concentrations, we have 27%, 28% and 33%, with the aromas of the best-known marijuana plants and genetics in the world and combining the most exotic fruits such as mango, melon, tutti frutti, blueberries and pineapple among many others. others.

JELLY: It is a 33% CBD extraction, exclusively in white texture. Hence its name, Jelly, which in English means gelatin.

SOLID: It is a 27% CBD extraction that has a more earthy texture.

POLLEN: It is a 28% CBD extraction that has a smoother and earthier texture.

How to store my CBG solids?

The Cannabinoids present in CBG solids need a cool, dry place to be stored. The components present in CBG are more likely to deteriorate when exposed to direct light and high temperatures. For this, the perfect environment must be created to preserve them. By following these tips, Plant of Life products can last for months from opening.

Once the product is opened for the first time, we must try to maintain ideal storage conditions. For this we must take into account 4 factors:

Temperature: Keep them in a cool and dry place.

Light: Keep your flowers away from direct contact with any light source.

Humidity: Keep your buds in a dry place, avoid humidity as it can degrade their quality.

Air: The level of oxygen to which the flowers are exposed is important, since contact with too much oxygen degrades the active ingredients of the plant. Keep your solids in an airtight, easy-close jar or container. You can use the jar they come in.