Where to Buy CBG and CBD Crystals, Meet CBD and CBG in their purest form and with a concentration of up to 99.99%. The rigorous filtration and purification process ensures the exceptional quality of our products. Available in different sizes and in 28 flavors.

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What is CBD-CBG crystal?

The CBD-CBG Crystal is the purest and cleanest form of CBD extraction from the cannabis plant. CBD crystals reach a purity level of 99.99% and contain only a small trace of all other Cannabinoids. This product can achieve its purity thanks to the different extraction methods, the most used process being known as CO2 extraction.

This product goes through a rigorous filtration and purification process that allows a high quality production.

In the CO2 extraction process, all the components of the cannabis plant are filtered out, resulting in a form of powdered crystals, similar to diamond-shaped grains of sugar, which is the Crystal of CBD-CBG.

What types of CBD-CBG crystal do we have?

When we talk about CBD-CBG Crystal we have two formats: Terpsolator and Crystal.

-TERPSOLATOR: The word Terpsolator is made up of two other words: Terpene and Isolate. Terpsolator is a form of CBD isolate that also contains natural hemp terpenes.

Adding Terpenes is beneficial as it is believed to reinforce the effects CBD has on the user, plus most importantly Terpsolator is isolated CBD with concentrations up to 99.99% obtained from hemp plants grown from organic form.

-CRYSTAL: CBD crystals are presented in a crystal powder aspect. In them you will find the purest form, as with the Terpsolator.

How is the CBD-CBG crystal obtained?

Through CO2 extraction, where a large machine allows the evaporation of the CBD that is extracted in its pure state, resulting in the purest crystals on the market with up to 99.99% CBD.