Cannabis flowers with CBD of both interior and exterior in greenhouse, Cultivated with nutrients and organic substrates. Available different genetics developed by our scientists, obtaining stable and large genetic properties Aromatic The best quality in cannabis flowers, without adulterating and under a thorough quality control, this product is manually packaged by people who ensure their weight and quality.

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FLOWERS STRAWBERRY BANANA 25GCBD/CBDA: 3 - 6% THC: < 0.2% 25G It has a soft, fresh, sweet and fruity aroma with a hint of strawberry flavor. 1 UNIT

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FLOWERS STRAWBERRY BANANA 5GCBD/CBDA: 3 - 6% THC: < 0.2% 5G It has a soft, fresh, sweet and fruity aroma with a hint of strawberry flavor. 1 UNIT

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ROYAL COOKIES CBD FLOWERS - PLANT OF LIFE CBD/CBDA: 6 - 12%THC: < 0.2% 0.5G 1 UNITThe plant is a unique hybrid cannabis strain that combines different cookie genetics making it a strain with intense aromas and very balanced flavors.

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STRAWBERRY CBDCBD FLOWERS - PLANT OF LIFE CBD/CBDA: 4 - 6% THC: < 0.2% 0.5G 1 UNITIt has a soft, fresh, sweet and fruity aroma with a hint of strawberry flavor.

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STRAWBERRY BANANA CBDCBD FLOWERS - PLANT OF LIFE CBD/CBDA: 3 - 6% THC: < 0.2% 1.5G 1 UNITIt is currently one of the genetics with the highest amount of CBD. It is therefore highly recommended for medicinal use.

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SKYWALKER CBDCBD FLOWERS - PLANT OF LIFE CBD/CBDA: 4 - 6% THC: < 0.2% 1.5G 1 UNITIt is a unique genetics in Europe, characterized by its very balanced sweet and earthy aroma with fruity hints.

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What are cannabis flowers?

Cannabis flowers, also known as CBD buds or legal marijuana, are the buds of the hemp plant that are characterized by their high content of cannabidiol or CBD and their low percentage of THC with a maximum of 0.2%, which which means that cannabis flowers do not have psychotropic effects and therefore their sale and consumption is legal.

Cannabis or CBD flowers are obtained by growing cannabis sativa L in authorized hemp plantations, with a license and with certified seeds. To get the best CBD flowers, farmers take care of their plants so that they flourish, developing as many trichomes and aromatic terpenes as possible, so that the flower is later cut and dried and thus be suitable for human consumption.

Are CBD flowers legal?

In current European legislation, CBD is legal only under the parameters that we mentioned earlier. When we talk about Cannabis Sativa, its sale is only allowed if its THC content is less than 0.2%.

This legislation is applicable to all the countries of the European Union, including Spain.

In addition, these products are for external, technical or collectors' use. We are not responsible for any other use not indicated.

Crop. Indoor, outdoor, greenhouse and glasshouse.

When we talk about Cannabis cultivation, we must distinguish between the 4 types of crops that exist. Depending on the type of crop, the product will be of a different quality and price.

Indoor: Refers to crops grown indoors. It comes from the English word “indoor” which means interior. In this type of cultivation, all the environmental conditions that favor the growth of the cannabis plant and flower are recreated indoors, such as artificial light. This allows production even in winter, since the optimal conditions for cultivation are artificially recreated.

That is why indoor-grown cannabis flowers are of a higher quality and therefore higher in price, due to the amount of energy and resources that this method of cultivation requires.

Outdoor: Term corresponding to crops grown outside, in the open air. It is a method highly appreciated by CBD cannabis growers, as it provides numerous benefits. However, it is clear that there are some difficulties, especially when climatic factors are considered. This method reduces the production cycle to a specific stage in the year.

Greenhouse: This type of crop corresponds to plants grown in greenhouses with natural light, it refers to crops that do not use any type of artificial light for any reason during their production. This method manages to provide 2 or 3 production cycles per year, but supposes the impossibility of cultivating in the winter months due to climatic factors.

Glasshouse: This type of production combines characteristics of indoor cultivation and GreenHouse cultivation. The plants grown in Glasshouse are produced in state-of-the-art greenhouses, made of glass. That is where its name “glass” resides, which means “glass”. This type of cultivation uses a combination of artificial light and natural light that allows them to have production throughout the year.

What are your cannabis buds?

At Plant Of Life we have a wide variety of CBD buds and flowers such as:

Amnesia, White Haze, Cheese, Skywalker, Bubblegum, Moon Rock, Shantica, Royal Cookies, Clementine... among others.


All our vines and flowers are created under indoor and outdoor cultivation.

In addition to being grown with nutrients and organic substrates, they are created under meticulous quality control and manually packaged.

How to preserve my cbd flowers?

Cannabinoids present in CBD cannabis flowers can be kept for two years if stored properly. For this, the perfect environment must be created to preserve them.

We must take into account 4 factors:

Temperature: Keep them in a cool and dry place.

Light: Keep your flowers away from direct contact with any light source.

Humidity: Keep your buds in a dry place, avoid humidity as it can degrade their quality.

Air: The level of oxygen to which the flowers are exposed is important, since contact with too much oxygen degrades the active ingredients of the plant. Keep your flowers in an airtight easy-close jar or container.