Electronic cigarette fluid selection with two different formats, More than 3 CBD concentrations and 28 flavors to discover. You can find the most famous genetic and various fruity liquids.

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What are CBD e-liquids?

E-liquids with CBD or E-liquids are a wide range of different liquids with CBD that are used for vaping. E-liquids can be consumed in a vaporizer, vape or by using electronic cigarettes. It is a healthy alternative to vaping CBD in a pleasant way if you do not like to take it in other formats.

The uses may be limited depending on the legality of each country.

What variety E-LIQUIDS do we have?

At Plant of Life we have the largest variety of CBD e-liquids presented in three full-spectrum CBD concentrations: 1%, 3% and 5%, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

We have a catalog of 28 flavors, ranging from fruit flavors such as apple, kiwi, banana or melon, to original flavors such as cheese, chocolate or chewing gum, and also flavors of the main cannabis varieties such as purple haze.

Why choose e-liquids with CBD?

CBD is becoming more and more fashionable as an alternative treatment to help with ailments such as arthritis, anxiety, stress or insomnia, which is why many people decide to buy e-liquids with CBD as one of the ways to take it.

Vaping with your electronic cigarette e-liquids with CBD will be of great help if what you want is to feel relaxed in times of stress, for example.

CBD e-liquids do not contain THC, so the vaper can enjoy the benefits of cannabidiol and terpenes or flavonoids without having psychotropic effects and completely legally.

How to vape e-liquids with cbd?

When it comes to vaping CBD e-liquids, it is best to vape between 10 to 30 watts. Start with a low power such as 10 watts, especially if you are a beginner in vaping or taking CBD, and you can gradually increase the power. Set your e-cigarette to the strength you feel comfortable vaping CBD with.